THE GIANDUIOTTO C’EST MOI  The gianduiotto is a self-sufficient chocolate: in the early nineteenth century, due to the Napoleonic blockade, in Europe the cocoa had become scarce and expensive. To overcome this shortage, Piedmont chocolatiers began to add nuts to the dough. Cocoa, sugar and hazelnuts: the result was a very thick and sticky paste, the gianduiotto could not enter the molds like other chocolates, but you had to work it with spatulas. This is why its shape is still so uneven: for the lovers of geometry and chocolates that melt quickly,  Peyrano also created a Gianduiotto Nuova Formula, whose recipe includes the addition of milk to the cocoa butter. But the Gianduiotto Antica Formula is more appreciated: that density that makes it unsuitable for the molds melts slowly on the palate, prolonging the effect of delight. In addition, to make the taste softer Peyrano adds a hint of vanilla: its berries come from Madagascar these are pollinated by hand one by one  Correct is to:  let the gianduiotto melt slowly in your mouth, making it slowly invade your taste buds
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