SHOP ONLINE THE SWEET CENTURY  the twentieth century is now known as the "short century", sandwiched between World War I and the fall of the USSR, the (first) sweet century of Peyrano truly lasts a hundred years but ends in 2015.   Antonio Peyrano, great-uncle Giorgio, founded the factory in 1915. In 1920 he began to regularly supply chocolates to the Savoy family. World War II was overcome with a struggle and a little luck: the factory survived the bombing while the owners reached the factory pedalling every day from the countryside, where they were displaced. In 1962 the family bought the patisserie Pfatisch, open still to this day in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II in Turin. In the seventies, Bruna established a fruitful relationship with Vogue and high fashion: the chocolates of Peyrano were tasted in the ateliers of tailors and stylists. From fashion to design, the step was short: in the nineties a few boxes were created for a special design collection. The ones in wood and steel stood out and were signed by Ettore Sottsass and Alessandro Mendini, produced together with Alessi. The Peyrano family in the last one hundred years has served kings, ambassadors, artists and designers. They played an intimate role in the high society of the twentieth century without ostentation, always faithful to the reserved and discrete atmosphere that Turin is known for. At the beginning of the new millennium Giorgio and Bruna had planned to retire, but the nostalgia and the crisis of the company made them change their mind: now they are engaged in the revival of Peyrano, ready to celebrate with their grandchildren a new creative centenary and a fantastic chocolate.  Correct is to:  be proud of their history, but also know how to be a little ironical.
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