SHOP ON LINE OUR COCOA: PASSPORT  Our trusted vendors collect the cocoa beans in Ecuador, Venezuela, Trinidad, Madagascar and Java. It is them who oversee the delicate process of the fermentation of the beans in the banana leaves, and it is also thanks to them that our chocolate has the right degree of acidity. Each variety of cocoa has its own characteristics, and we try to give value to them in our recipes. We cannot disclose them, but here's at least some info to trace them...  	From 'Ecuador (13 million people, average age 25 years old, the capital Quito) comes from Arriba cocoa, great for dark chocolate bars 	Cocoa Madagascar (20 million people, average age 18 years old, capital Anatananarivo) goes well with fruit 	In Venezuela (29 million inhabitants, average age 26 years old, the capital Caracas), the best plantations are in the Gulf of Maracaibo 	The cocoa of Trinidad (1 million inhabitants, average age 30 years old, the capital Port of Spain) is an essential ingredient in dark chocolate 	Cocoa Java (the most populous island of Indonesia, 232 million people, average age 27 years old, capital Jakarta) is great for milk chocolate  Correct is to:  pay a fair price to suppliers, ensuring that they apply proper working conditions. Enter directly and consciously into the cocoa supply chain helps to reduce cases of exploitation in the countries where the cocoa is manufactured
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