THE FACTORY ...  In Bruna and Giorgio Peyrano’s factory the creation process starts from the beans. The cocoa beans to be precise, arrive in Turin at the laboratory in Corso Moncalieri by trusted vendors in different continents, they are roasted on an open fire, put in an oven fuelled by olive wood, this is to remove any residual acidity superfluous. The cacao press shatters and reduces the size of the grains, then the Melangeur grinder, at a temperature of 45°, crushes the grain and releases the cocoa butter. From cocoa paste the slabs are obtained, Giorgio and Bruna’s chocolate bricks, these fragrant bricks are kept for further processing. At the right time powdered sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla are applied and then they are melted and left to rest in large tanks. Before becoming bars or chocolates they are processed in the basins for as much as 72 hours, this is a delicate stage, essential to oxygenate and mix the chocolate, also to guarantee the right softness and a velvety taste. With the temperature variations of the tempering perfectly calibrated, finally, each crystal cocoa stabilizes itself, to obtain a perfect consistency to the palate, and the surface becomes shiny and irresistible   Correct is to:  follow the chain of chocolate from start to finish, from the bean to the chocolate bar. Only then can you really concentrate on flavour and quality, and prevent the exploitation of workers in the countries of production  Do you want to see all this closely? Giorgio Peyrano accompanies you to visit his factory (tasting freshly made chocolates) Monday through to Friday. Booking is essential through the contact form on our website by clicking on the mailing envelope
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