OUR CHOCOLATES: IDENTITY CARDS  Conchiglia: shell filled with pistachio nuts and milk, dark and milk chocolate version. Precious and consolatory Avola: almond shaped chocolate, stuffed with almond cream and almonds, dark and milk chocolate version. The Almond one is cube shaped. Marrone: chestnut-shaped chocolate stuffed with chestnut paste and Barbancourt rum, dark and milk chocolate version. A pleasurable treat for autumn Lingua di gatto: inspired by the famous biscuits, dark or milk chocolate version, extra thin. Excellent with vermouth Alpino: chocolate (gianduiotto) with an alcoholic hazelnut cream filling. The recipe is a secret and for its highly perishable nature can be enjoyed only in Turin, in the laboratory or in the patisserie (it is excluded from e-commerce). A collector's item Noce: shell stuffed with a walnut and hazelnut cream, dark or milk version. Seasonal production. For greedy squirrels Chioccioletta: snail stuffed with a hazelnut cream, almonds, milk and chopped nougat, dark and milk chocolate version. A woman’s touch Cuore: the milk version is called Juliet, and is filled with almond cream, hazelnuts and crunchy cocoa. Romeo instead is dark chocolate with hazelnut cream and cocoa. For palate lovers or dreamers Grappino: dark liqueur liquid version with brandy, grappa and coffee and grappa and mint. Only on request. Energetic and powerful Pralino: hazelnut paste (gianduiotto) with chopped hazelnuts, chopped in the gianduiotto style. Essence of Piedmont Giava: milk chocolate with nougat and hazelnuts. Sweet and crunchy Crema Arancio: dark chocolate filled with jelly fruit cubes and candied orange peel. A dive into the South Crema Caffè: dark chocolate with an Arabica coffee cream filling. A boost in taste and synapses Moka latte: milk chocolate with an Arabica coffee cream filling. A soft awakening Sunday morning Foglie alla menta: dark chocolate leaves with chopped mint from Pancalieri. The after-eight Turin version. Foglie al caffelatte: milk chocolate leaves with Arabica coffee. For kind palates  Arancino: fillet of candied orange peel and covered with dark chocolate. An evergreen Preferito: cherries covered with milk chocolate or dark chocolate. A precious gem. Only on request Tartufo: chocolate (gianduiotto) praline dusted with cocoa powder stuffed with cocoa, hazelnut, cream and brandy. Comfort at the ready. Seasonal production. Grappolo: five hazelnuts covered with dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Extremely crunchy Favoriti: chocolates with hazelnut (gianduiotto) with a central layer of different flavours (hazelnut cream, crispy chopped, arabica coffee). Most loved by Madames of a time Cremini: fondant in different flavours (pistachio, citrus, banana, raspberry, pink, orange) covered with dark chocolate. Thousands of flavours to be discovered Caffè: dark chocolate with an Arabica coffee taste, in the form of a grain. Much better than an espresso Diablottino o diablottone: chocolates round and flat with no filling, dark or milk chocolate, in a small or large version. Simple and punchy Astro: dark chocolate filled with crunchy hazelnuts and chopped; milk filled version with puffed rice. Reaching for the stars Conca d’oro: dark chocolate filled with milk, nuts and cubes of candied orange peels. A treasure well protected Fascino: milk chocolate filled with hazelnuts and almonds. Dried fruit conquest Astro in versione estiva (but still available): chocolate decorated with white milk chocolate or dark chocolate and stuffed with fruit pulp (raspberry or blueberry or strawberry or apricot or peach) or filling of bitter almonds or chopped almonds. Surprisingly fresh Ovetti: melting, milk, cream with orange, pistachio, crisp, hazelnut, coffee, nougat, brown, Alpine, or milk and cream. A classic, but a thousand flavours Merci Beaucoup: melting squares, melting 70%, milk, coffee, mint, crunchy   Correct is:  making chocolates with a thousand forms, to make us all dream. Because the pleasure of a chocolate is not only transmitted through our palate but also with our eyes
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