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SHOP ON LINE THE CULTURAL IDENTITY CONSULTANT OF PEYRANO IS  ANIMA  IN CORPORATION  DEVOUR THEM WITH  YOUR EYES   The taste of chocolate.  Every manufacturer is convinced that theirs is the best, or at least they try to convince their customers this.  The taste of chocolate, means Turin, the home of gianduiotto, one of the wonders of Peyrano. Authentic chocolate means handmade chocolate and we produce it from start to finish in our factory. From our experience, which dates back to a whole century, we know all about the origins of cocoa and carefully choose the countries in which to source it, to select the best quality and to ensure that the work is paid fairly. We are keen to divulge the new scientific discoveries that demonstrate how chocolate may even be good for your health. As well as a provider of happiness and the most faithful friend of the palate. So one day we came up with the idea that chocolate interests us not only for being correct but also for its taste. Our wish is to continue being the ambassadors for this city, the city we love, where we were born and joyfully open it to the world. The correct choice for Turin. The Taste of Turin.
( The right balanced chocolate )